Ian Denny, marketing director of Firbank Kempster, is taking an extra step in his latest charity fundraising bid. On Saturday, he will hand over the completed UK Pavilion at the Hanover Industry Fair to his client, the Department of Trade and Industry. Then he will jump on a plane to London, where he will run in Sunday’s London Marathon, raising money for children’s charity the Starlight Foundation, before leaping on the next plane back to Hanover in time for the fair’s opening soirée. There, he’ll dine with HRH Prince Philip and that other famous athlete Chancellor Kohl. It’s a good job the events didn’t come in the opposite order. Attempting to run anywhere after dining with infamous gastronome Kohl could have left Denny’s chosen cause singing for its supper.

Manufacturing methods have gone back to basics at Morris Metal, which has produced a range of ‘Stone Age’ tables for a one-off commission. But the head of the company, Nick Savva (left), is experiencing a few problems with the overly specialised freelance staff taken on for the project.

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