Top 100 figures don’t reflect our true status

The commentary attached to the Design Week Top 100 (DW 21 March) asserts that product design has remained fairly static over the past 12 months. It goes on to cite the examples of PSD and Seymour Powell, saying that both groups have maintained the fee levels reported last year.

I am afraid that here at PSD we cannot agree with you. This should be clear from our figures. In 1996, PSD’s fee income grew from 1.278m to 1.560m (up 22.1 per cent) and as a result we shot up the charts from 69th to 65th. As you say, for 1997 we have predicted a 20 per cent growth and are optimistic that we will deliver.

Each year the presentation of the DW Top 100 has improved. Perhaps next time you could add a comparative figures column so that we can draw our own conclusion about year-on-year performance.

Chris Thompson

Managing director

PSD Associates

Middlesex TW7 6RJ

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