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Elmwood has rebranded a waste management group with the name Serious** – as in ‘Serious **it’. Do you think other business-to-business companies could benefit from showing such a broad-minded sense of humour or is this an example of an identity job that’s gone too far? Why?

‘FCUKing hell not another four-letter rebrand. I suppose it isn’t that shocking as I think most people will struggle to make the connection. However, if I’m honest a bit of wit and humour goes a long way in my book. For me, it certainly beats the **it out of another company being called Altria, Verizon, Aviva, Xiameter, Agere or some such nonsensical load of b*****it.’

James Acton, Head of design, Poulter Partners

‘All too often, companies forget the “c” in their B2B equations. Business people who buy other companies’ services are also consumers and are just as likely to be attracted by humour within the workplace as they are outside it. I am all for anything that can make a message more memorable, providing it doesn’t damage its credibility.’

John Holton, Creative director, Innocence

‘In a business world gone sterile and senile it’s good to see that humour now qualifies as a point of difference. The success of “Niceday” stationery shows that not everyone in B2B buys into business being Seriously boring. Other real companies I have applauded are Pole Position, a scaffolding company, and The Cod Father, which is my local fish and chip shop.’

Simon Waterfall, Designer, Poke

‘Well, it definitely made me smile. However, in a case like this the corporate identity is arguably more promotional than it is corporate and therefore more appropriate for a business-to-consumer client. But who really gives an FCUK anyway?’

Angus Hyland, Partner, Pentagram

‘Knowing when not to take yourself seriously is generally a positive trait. Humour makes people warm to a person, product or an ad. Great as long as the laughs don’t eclipse the message. If you are in the market for waste management services, you don’t want to muck about. Serious** would certainly jump out of the Yellow Pages at me.’

Sue Strange, Director, Love Creative

‘Seriously? It’s **it.’

Ady Bibby, Creative director, True North

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