Isambard Kingdom Brunel didn’t have to rely on spin

Please let us learn at least one lesson from the Dome versus the Tate Modern story.

To achieve success in any project you need a visionary – one person who believes in the idea and has the strength, willpower and ability to lead it through the quagmire of execution. No more committees, no more one-day wonders and then a public sacking.

Give the job to one person with vision who is bloody-minded enough to stick with it and has the talent to make it work.

Let them look after the genuine sponsors and be creative in publicising it – like running weekly progress meetings on prime time TV or inviting taxi drivers to come and see it before it’s open, so they promote for you to every tourist they pick up.

Someone like Nicholas Serota perhaps?

Whoever takes it on, please let them be a visionary, a person who has proven that (s)he gets things done. Our role? We should let them get on with it… in their way. I am sure Isambard Kingdom Brunel never needed a spin doctor!

Sue Williams


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