New digital partnerships

AMXstudios, EuroRSCG Wnek Gosper Interaction

Havas-backed digital design specialist AMXstudios is pooling resources with the interactive arm of Havas ad agency EuroRSCG Wnek Gosper. The aim is to create a new entity to specifically service interactive TV and interactive content.

AMXstudios had to look hard at its future operations, and arrived at what it saw as two feasible options. ‘Option one was to become an enormous 400-person impersonal company that does everything.

‘But option two was to build towards a 100-person company as a core and surround it with lots of joint ventures with many different people and actually probably be larger, be 600 or 700 people, working with a small company that’s always at the cutting edge,’ says Al Scott, AMX-studios interactive director.

AMXstudios creative director Malcolm Garrett says: ‘We are in the process of formalising a longstanding business relationship between AMXstudios and the EuroRSCG interactive team in London. AMXstudios has worked alongside both the London agency and other offices in the Euro network around the world for over a year and a half.

‘We believe that no single interactive company or ad agency has addressed all the requirements satisfactorily alone. We view such a strategic, communications-led joint venture as the optimum way forward,’ adds Garrett.

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