As the holiday season kicks in and books slide up our summer shopping lists, how much credit do you give book cover design for your choice of beach reading?

It’s that old adage, never judge a book by its cover, but how many of us fall for the lure of a well-designed book jacket? I certainly do. However, I only resort to it when I’m looking to explore new areas in the literary landscape. Most of the time I go on recommendations from friends or I look for writers I’ve come to know and love. Anyway, what’s this about beach reading in your question? My friends would probably suggest that I should spend my time looking for survival guides rather than fiction, they are much more appropriate for the type of holiday I take!

Neil Walker, Creative partner, CDT Design (pictured)

Of course I really appreciate good book cover design. And if I were an accountant I would probably appreciate it even more! I think it can be compared to speed dating. If I’ve left my book purchase till the last minute, and I don’t know exactly what I want, I end up speed dating around the airport bookshop; there’s no time to do anything but judge a book by its cover. So I make sure it’s a good one.

Zehra Ludlow, Senior designer, Corporate Edge

The bright yellow Rupert Bear hardbacks and the patterned covers of Swallows and Amazons were part of my education in desire. I even bought ‘A short history of tractors in Ukrainian’ because of its cover.

Michael Wolff, Founder, Michael Wolff & Company

Not only do I judge the book cover, but, in the unlikely event that I pick up a book, I also check the inside, the typeface, the paper, everything. If I do not like it, I put it down. I am not one for reading, I get easily bored, I like looking at ‘pretty pictures’, that is why most of my beach reading is cartoon strips and illustrated books.

Afroditi Krassa, Founder, Afroditi Krassa

Holiday reading is all about escaping from the everyday. Publishers generally make it easy for you. For a thriller, head for the gothic black with melodramatic gold lettering. If, like me on holiday you’re generally asleep after a few pages, the one with the biggest cover is what really counts.

Mike Hall, Creative director, Wechsler Ross & Portet (pictured)

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