10 December 2009

Sainsbury’s ready-meal packaging given a patriotic facelift by Blue Marlin.

Sainsbury’s ready-meal packaging has been given a patriotic facelift by Blue Marlin. New branding for the supermarket’s Classics range was influenced by British icons Paul Smith and Guy Ritchie, and features a Union Jack background. A chunky slab serif typeface is used, and the range has been designed to give the feel of a British […]

Consultancy 999 creates new report for Arts Council England

Consultancy 999 has created a new report for Arts Council England to assess the strength and potential of visual arts in the West Midlands. The report features a glossy section that showcases the variety of work being produced by West Midlands artists, and a clean, understated section to provide clarity of information.

Treasure tomes

In the increasingly digital world of the book, a beautifully bound publication is something to cherish. With numerous electronic book readers being launched, the pleasure of the book as object is in danger of disappearing. So producing books that are desirable to the touch is more important than ever, argue some publishers. Charity book publisher […]


Uzbek respect

Uzbekistan’s dazzling architectural heritage survived the rigours of Soviet repression, and Islamic tradition still tempers the modernising elements of any local design brief. John Stones talks to a consultancy that has coped with these conflicting demands

Elmwood’s milkshake packaging for Asda, with illustrations by Andrew Painter

Picture perfect

A good illustrator can add a touch of magic to a packaging design and help tell a brand’s story. Anna Richardson samples a range of projects where illustration has been used to full effect

Sarah Boris

Profile – Sarah Boris

Sarah Boris was always keen to work for an arts centre – a dream she realised at the Barbican and, currently, the ICA. Anna Richardson speaks to the French graphic designer about inspiration and the perfect font

Boundary blurring was my route into the digital sector

You recently posed the question, ‘What attracted you to working in the digital sector, and what route did you take into it?’ (Voxpop, DW 19 November) I’m interested in the part of the digital sector which re-imagines emerging and old technologies and questions their impact on our lives. I enjoy creating work with character, that […]

Graphic design is about the client, not the art-lover

I was disappointed to read the article ‘Somerset House promotes graphic design with annual fair’ (DW 12 November). As an industry, we spend a lot of time and effort explaining to clients, and other non-designers, what we do and why it is important to them – how graphic design is a vital tool for communication, […]

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