How can you make a brand more authentic?

One prime objective of most design – be it a product, pack, service, experience or ident
on TV – is to heighten expectations. This is fine, but consumers’ heightened expectations have to be met. When they are not authenticity is weakened and, over time, its ability to command a premium is compromised. To make a brand more authentic its owner must look at every aspect of the delivery of its promise. Without that a brand is nothing more than a castle built on sand.
Liz Dunning, Partner, Dunning Eley Jones


Brands are defined as much by what they don’t do, as by what they do. An authentic brand does what it promises to do. Creating authenticity means clarity of proposition and purpose, and using this as a platform. If a brand is a consumer promise or reflected reputation, authenticity defines the sweet spot of a brand truth, around which creativity amplifies the message in an engaging and motivating manner. It’s quite simple, but often difficult to achieve. Clarity of proposition is seldom universally held within an organisation.
Mike Curtis, Chief executive, Start Creative

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