For collaboration to truly work, we need to see fundamental changes

As a designer working in advertising, I was interested to read both VoxPop responses and Tim Ashton’s article Group Effort (DW 28 January). Clearly, we all like working in groups, after all, we are social animals.

But design has always hated the ad industry’s high profile – and their larger fees. Equally, the ad world is envious of design’s permanence, collectability and craft.

True collaboration needs respect and flexibility, designers and advertising folk must leave preconceptions at their doors.

Ownership is often an issue when the two work together. Attributing ideas is not necessary if you really work as a team. It can easily become an exercise in one-upmanship and a destructive – not constructive – process. Importantly, both sides are working towards a common goal.

Any relationship falls apart without trust. We’re all passionate about our work, we believe in our ideas and visions for projects. This passion can push either industry into appearing inflexible, brash, arrogant, precious and egotistical.

The two camps must respect each other and relax a bit, then they’ll see how well they get on.

Simon Manchipp

Creative Partner

HHCL and Partners

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