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The Googles, Legos and Innocents of the world seem to trump everyone when it comes to brilliant working environments. So what offices do design groups work in to get their creative juices flowing? The site showcases your environment. You can upload photos of where you work for users to rate.
Thanks to our friends on Twitter, this site has been brought to our attention. HT Lit claims to be the future of serious reading for literary hypertext. The site reports on developments in emerging media tools and hypertext research, and new works from hypertext fiction to weblog design, graphic design and the software arts.
Paul Galbraith is a freelance graphic designer, specialising in brand identities. Creative Sightings is a site dedicated to showcasing work Galbraith finds interesting or exciting, done by other creatives. A recent post includes lovely packaging for Seven Deadly Sins Siete Pecados wine bottles, by Service Plan.
John Thackara started Doors of Perception back in 1993, but we think it’s important to flag up the brilliant projects and sustainable design it continues to support. A recent report from Design Observer discusses The Energy Report, released by the World Wildlife Fund last week, asking if renewable energy is a salvation or not.

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