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Love it or – most likely – loathe it, you won’t be able to escape the fact that it’s Valentine’s Day today. So in tribute to this vomit-inducing festival, we thought we’d share with you a couple of non-commercial Valentine’s projects that might pique your interest, if not your passions.

Open Agency's Valentype
Open Agency’s Valentype

Open Agency has created a whole typeface dedicated to love, called Valentype. Each letter has also been given its own personality, from loyal to kinky, and can be downloaded for free to scatter on your social media sites or – we presume – make a very last minute card.

Burst Magazine by Ali Designs
Burst Magazine by Ali Designs

Burst Magazine launched its aptly-themed love issue today, which promises to give exposure to up and coming creatives from across the world. The online magazine, which is designed by Ali Designs, features work from designer Jimmy Lee and illustrator Samantha Eyon and can be downloaded for free from here.

Burst Magazine by Ali Designs
Cog Design’s Calamitous Tales of Disastrous Dates site

And if you’re sick of the whole thing already, check out Cog Design’s Calamitous Tales of Disastrous Dates. Complete with beautiful illustrations, the self-initiated site tells the tale of some really tragic romantic liaisons. Some are sickly but a bit sweet, such as Simon Leadbetter’s tale of proposing to his wife before vomiting on her and passing out, others are smouldering – quite literally as Ocky Murray sets himself on fire mid-date.

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