Be careful when branding all the design experience

If Lisa Meekison doesn’t think banks need to offer brand experiences (News Analysis, DW 6 December 2001), then Siegelgale won’t be doing much branding in the financial services sector.

And if Enterprise Brand Experience sees ‘brand experience’ as a useful title to badge its retail, live events and digital offerings, while excluding its core branding business, it, too, risks selling the brand experience idea short.

Brand experience, surely, has to include each and every touchpoint a brand has with all its audiences, embracing not only designed media, but technologies like CRM and people and behaviours, too.

Consistent delivery of experiences that live up to a brand’s promise is what I believe branding is now about. It isn’t one-, twoor even three-dimensional; its all-dimensional, covering all media.

If I am right, this applies to banks just as much as it does to, say, a luxury retailer. I believe that First Direct taught us this a few years back.

Peter Matthews

Managing director


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