Carte Blanche and JJA for Top Shop

Interiors consultancy Carte Blanche and exhibition group Jasper Jacob Associates have been appointed to work on a major remodelling programme at Top Shop’s Oxford Circus store in London.

The developments tie in with the opening of Europe’s first NikeTown store in the building, located on the corner of Oxford Street and Regent Street and being designed in-house at Nike after initial involvement by BDP. The Top Shop/Top Man store will be moved around the corner from its current position, putting its full frontage on Oxford Street and dispensing with its Regent Street openings.

Staff at Carte Blanche and JJA were unable to comment on their appointments. Top Shop’s parent Burton Group declines to discuss the design appointments.

The reconfigured Top Shop/Top Man site will cover nearly 8000m2 over four floors, an increase of around 25 per cent on its previous size. Restaurants and space for exhibitions and fashion shows will be included within the store, which will reopen in stages by July next year.

There are currently eight NikeTown stores in the US, with those in Chicago and New York attracting around one million visitors per year.

The Oxford Circus branch will be the brand’s European flagship and largest store yet.

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