Springpoint unites phone brands

The UK’s largest mobile phone operator Vodafone is ditching its dozen different brands to unite under a new Vodafone brand identity designed by Springpoint.

The London design consultancy is now working on designs for the interiors of Vodafone’s 300 high street outlets. Springpoint has brought in XMPR International to work on the retail design.

Vodafone launched its new identity this week, citing a cost of 15m for the total makeover of shops, literature and vehicles. The new-look stores will appear from October.

Springpoint is drawing up guidelines for the identity ready for its roll-out. Springpoint managing director Fiona Gilmore says she thinks it likely that one or two smaller design groups will be appointed to implement the new look on literature.

Appointed in January after a three-way pitch, Springpoint used focus groups to assess both Vodafone’s existing identity – which dates from the service’s inception in 1984 – and possible routes forward.

Gilmore says Springpoint questioned the future of the Vodafone name itself but found strong awareness and acceptance of the name: “It’s dangerous to ignore goodwill. Vodafone didn’t have an image problem – the brand simply needed refocusing.”

The new Vodafone identity has speech marks in the Os of Vodafone and a similar speech mark as a symbol.

Vodafone director of corporate affairs Terry Barwick says of the new identity: “This new dominant and consistent branding role for the Vodafone name brings with it important benefits including cost efficiencies, an appropriate sense of scale, tremendous credibility and clarity.”

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