Watt a decision to make – lunch treat or DBA award

Our marketing chap dropped the call for entries for the Design Business Association International Design Effectiveness Awards on my desk this week.

‘Great’ I thought, we’ve a potential winner in one of the categories.

Then I looked at the entry fee and thought that it must be a mis-print. Then was astounded to find that I was looking at the rate for members and that the non-members fee was over a £1000.

After finally containing my laughter, I had to make a choice. Do I subscribe to a pretentious body that wants to totally isolate small design groups with great work? Do I enter ten different award schemes for the same amount of one entry into DBA’s? Or do I enter anyway as we aren’t small and can afford it?

I settled on a slap up lunch for the studio plus change for a round of McFlurrys. Money well spent.

Cliff Owen

Creative conductor

Watt Design

Leeds LS16 6RA

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