Free pitching rows reach crescendo

Free pitching doesn’t really benefit anyone in the long run, but what can be done to stamp out this prevalent practice? asks Emily Pacey The debate on free pitching is

When creativity is not enough

Clever creatives may impress potential clients, but that’s not enough to win briefs. You must understand the business case too, says Elizabeth Lockwood One of the most interesting elements of

Suspect packages

Designers are happy to use the latest graphics kit, but when it comes to management software few are as keen. Design Week canvasses the views of creatives and suits and

Inspired, John Kay, Linney Design

I’m sure I won’t be the first to say that citing influences and sources of inspiration is no easy feat. Being determined to inspire a business and its clients is

Criminal opportunities

It can’t solve the social and cultural issues that cause crime, but design innovation has a role to play in reducing it, discovers Emma Germain The image of a crime-fighter

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