Inspired, John Kay, Linney Design

I’m sure I won’t be the first to say that citing influences and sources of inspiration is no easy feat. Being determined to inspire a business and its clients is perhaps one ambition, with another being never to assume that I have done so. The latter keeps me more motivated and more inclined to keep looking.

And looking recently? The prolific output of Carlo Mollino made a lasting dent on my mind. Not simply for his staggering architecture, challenging automotive design and beautiful furniture, but because of the presence he commanded. He was, above all, a hugely colourful character. And as much as the output of those who inspire us may be dramatic or impressive, I never believe inspiration is fully achieved with anonymity. So the background, the story, the birthplace, the exhibition and travel all combine to develop and offer a character that invariably inspires beyond the output.

I’m exposed to great characters in business every day. And, like characters in a book, they bring the whole story to life. It’s one thing to design, one thing to create, but to be engaging, to be interesting and to be characterful in business is truly inspiring. Doesn’t design need more characters?

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