New Centrepoint identity clears confusion

Homelessness charity Centrepoint is set to unveil a revised identity ahead of its 40th anniversary next year.

The charity, which is supported by Prince William and helps young homeless people across the UK, will from next month sport a clearer and simpler look designed by consultancy Morning. The group took over the client account from Corporate Edge in 2004.

Morning creative partner Nic Renn explains that the identity created by Corporate Edge needed clarification. Its ‘8:59 key logo’ concept – the minute before most employees start work, which is meant to draw attention to young homeless people’s lack of employment – created confusion between the name and location of the charity. Centrepoint, Renn says, was more recognisable as a London landmark building than the charity name, which was mistaken for 8:59.

Morning approached the client in anticipation of potential problems with the identity, ahead of its 40th anniversary events earlier this year.

‘For the Diana Memorial Concert campaign, we actually had to relegate the logo to avoid confusion. We didn’t want to have to do that for the 40th anniversary,’ says Renn.

Morning has eliminated the 8:59, focusing on the Centrepoint name, using a striking Orange for impact.

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