Premier League Hall of Fame set for kick-off

The Premier League Hall of Fame, which charts the history of English football, is set to open in London’s County Hall next Saturday. Exhibition design is by Montclair Design Consultants and the identity by Design Bridge.

The 3066m2 exhibition features five themed areas – The Hall of Legends, Football Association Premier League Hall of Fame, Hall of Fans, Hope and Glory and a virtual stadium – which are dedicated to explaining the story of English football from its earliest origins to the present day.

Visitors will be able to use interactive software to learn about their favourite team and to see how it compares with other clubs, as well as having access to league trivia and statistics.

Lifesize waxworks of the first six players inducted into the Hall of Fame will be on show when it opens. Models of other nominees will be unveiled on 3 July, the 33rd anniversary of England’s 1966 World Cup triumph.

Montclair lead consultant Tim Rusby says the project is a “definitive celebration of English football. It’s aimed to have a universal appeal to football fans and non-football fans alike and people of all ages and nationalities”.

‘”We created the graphics, displays and interactives, working closely with executive producers on the audio software,” says Rusby.

Rusby is also working with software developer Electronic Arts to turn the virtual stadium into a “showcase of the latest football game technology giving fans the ability to preview and play games before they go on the market”.

With players added to the Hall of Fame annually, Rusby says that the exhibition has been designed to change on a regular basis.

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