Tasteful website sells dollies’ knickers

Three female designers have designed a website to sell their knickers.

Din Associates interior designer Anna Hiltunen and two friends launched the site a fortnight ago to ‘do something cool and earn some money for a Millennium trip’.

Hiltunen is quick to emphasise that the site ‘has been done in a stylistic way, rather than a tacky porn site. It’s not just for dodgy geezers. We are targetting upmarket businessmen too’.

Costing £15 each, the knickers are modelled on the website by the three Finnish friends. ‘We took photos of each other, which you get when you buy the knickers,’ laughs Hiltunen.

In its first week online, the company sold two pairs, though Anna expects to sell more over the coming months.

Anyone interested can contact Dollywood at http://www. murrayandvern.com/dollywood

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