You spin me right round

Lomography’s new panoramic camera, the Spinner 360, was unveiled at its London store last night. The 35mm film device is operated by a pin on a string, which, when pulled,

Sou Fujimoto

Modest models

In most architecture exhibitions, the material is over-mediated. Because of many layers of interpretation, such as drawings, models and photographs, audiences can feel detached and distant from the subject, and

Volkswagen/Porsche Tapiro concept, 1970

A European Union

As VW Group snaps up classic Italian carmaker Italdesign, formally bringing the design flair and prototyping resources of a consultancy it has often collaborated with under its roof, Guy Bird

Illustration by Clelia Lobba

Latin infusion

Tropicália hits London this month with a major festival of Brazilian culture on the South Bank. Maeve Hosea discovers its spirit already at work among a young generation of expat

Nail that post

When it comes to landing that first design job, graduating is just the first stage of an extended journey that takes in internships, networking and blogs. Suzanne Hinchliffe quizzes designers,

Mat Hunter

Profile: Mat Hunter

The role of chief design officer at the Design Council gives this 40-year-old Ideo veteran the chance to take practical action on issues he cares about. Lynda Relph-Knight talks to


As the BBC prepares for its move to Salford and the impact of its strategy review, what major branding challenges do you think it faces and how should it address

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