Tiger Tiger on prowl for new sites

Urbium, the late night bar property developer, has appointed Harrison Design to rebrand a number of its key Tiger Tiger bar sites across the UK.

The company is also looking to work with other design groups as part of a long-term growth strategy to double its number of bars over the next five years. Urbium aims to launch up to 15 sites inside the London Square Mile within the next three years and more than 50 bars across the UK.

Harrison Design is tasked with redesigning core design icons at Tiger Tiger bars located in Glasgow and Leeds. It is also creating interiors for a new Tiger Tiger bar due to open in Cardiff in October.

Tibbatts Associates and Caulder Moore have been working with Urbium on various interior projects, and both consultancies are designing concepts for a series of new bars.

Tibbatts Associates is developing Apt, a bar located in a former office building. It is due to open on 24 March.

Caulder Moore is creating Alibi on a former Walkabout site, part of the chain of Australian-themed bars owned by Regent Inns. Urbium acquired the venue earlier in the year and it will open next month.

Tony Beardmore, technical director at Urbium, says, ‘There may be opportunities to work with other designers, but it will fit the pace of development and it depends how quickly we find sites.’

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