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Richard Seymour is making inroads into Unilever via his appointment as external creative director of design on its Dove brand. What other client companies could benefit from the intervention of a key player like Seymour and who would you put with them?

‘Given that instruction booklets for consumer electronics goods tend to be 70-plus pages of opaque technological babble that confuse rather than enlighten, I’d link them up with a great writer such as John Simmons, who uses words and storytelling to bring clarity and sparkle to even the most everyday topic. Alternatively, if the clever designer Dr Barnes Wallis, he of the Dambusters bouncing bombs fame was still alive, I’d send him over to West Bromwich FC. They’ve only scored 11 goals at home this season and some sort of bouncing football would go down a treat.’

Don Landers, Managing director, Elmwood

‘Keep it random – mix it up. McDonald’s is trying so hard to change, but what it really wants to do is send Steve Jobs in there. McMinimal. iFlurry. I’m lovin’ it.’

Neil Wallace, Art director, Brahm

‘Marks & Spencer needs a turnaround similar to Burberry’s to dispel the dowdy reputation it has at present. Someone of the calibre of Giorgio Armani, Christian Lacroix or Jil Sander. I’m also desperate to see improvements to our transport operators and suggest linking the rail providers with the likes of Paul Priestman. This could transform the lives of millions of people.’

Raymond Turner, Raymond Turner Associates

‘John Lewis could use the creative direction of someone like Susanne Tide-Frater, former head of fashion direction at Selfidges, who is now revamping Harrods. It would inject more life and excitement into the store’s offer and ensure its excellent service doesn’t become the only thing it’s known for.’

Kate Ancketill, Managing director, GDR Creative Intelligence

‘The Design Council design demonstration projects have done this for companies large and small with great success. One day companies will employ designers full-time in strategic roles. I’d like to see Jonathan Ive help Dyson make a product even vaguely attractive; Terence Conran get M&S to make clothes I want to buy; and Simon Waterfall make BT a company to love.’

Clive Grinyer, Director of customer experience, Orange

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