SVI Design floats brand communications for Southern Wind Shipyard luxury yachts

SVI Design has created a brochure and advertising for Italian luxury yacht company Southern Wind Shipyard and is set to start work on a rebrand of the company.
Sasha Vidakovic, founder of SVI Design, says the consultancy has been discussing projects with Southern Wind since autumn last year. Vidakovic says, ’We have experience in yachting with work such as Azimut Benetti (DW 15 April 2010) and we also work in the luxury sector – we understand the typical high-wealth client of Southern Wind.’

SVI Design’s first work for the company has been to produce the brochure and advertising for the SW94 – a 30m yacht.

Vidakovic says, ’It was wonderful to be given the opportunity to create brand communications that allows us to use top-quality materials and photography.’

He adds, ’The company has been producing beautiful boats. Previously, it has been defined mainly through its products rather than its communications.’

The consultancy is set to start work on a rebrand of Southern Wind, which Vidakovic says he hopes will launch towards the end of summer. Vidakovic says the work will cover brand strategy and house style for the company.

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