7 Ergonom by Mabeg

7 Ergonom is launching the Points of Conference range by Mabeg. POC is a flexible conference furniture system, comprising basic components such as a table with fold-up, slimline POC case. The case contains a projection screen and audio visual facilities, a POC monitor with plasma screen and POC high desk lectern incorporating a flat-screen monitor […]

Client belief in branding set to challenge admen

Two aspects of the appointment of Scott Libby Heming and an unnamed packaging group to the Philips Consumer Lighting strategic communications board carry important messages for the UK design community, quite apart from the kudos it brings to SLH managing director Andy Scott’s ten-strong group, soon to be relaunched as Vivid. On the one hand, […]


TV and film production company Plastic Productions, which launched at the end of April, will unveil its identity on 14 May, designed by BigBrother Creative.

Crummack has the seven dwarfs on his CV

When it comes to the clinch, it doesn’t matter about the colour of the sheets, it’s who’s in between them that counts. So the fact that the new head of retail at architect and design consultancy Shh, Steve Crummack, has also worked for other amusingly named groups such as Bobblehat and Tirolipop is of no […]

User friendly annual reports for Channel 4

Sheppard Day has created Channel 4’s latest annual report and accounts, designed to reflect the broadcaster’s diverse output. It also reinforces the strapline, ‘More than a television channel’. Review is designed in a magazine format and features imagery from Channel 4’s programmes, advertising and off-air activities. The financials have been set out to be more […]

Placing Tastes uses a Dew Gibbons recipe

Dew Gibbons has created the identity for bespoke gastronomic events organiser, Placing Tastes, which launches in two weeks. The consultancy was appointed earlier this year on the strength of previous work with the client, including the brand identity for Placing Tastes’ sister cookery holiday company, Tasting Places. Dew Gibbons is designing direct mail for the […]

Stuff-it by Colebrook Bosson Saunders

Stuff-it by Colebrook Bosson Saunders is a wall-mounted storage and hanging system available for office, domestic and leisure environments. Stuff-it is made of blow-moulded polyurethane and is available in a variety of finishes and colours.


The Design Business Association has upped the cost of entries to its effectiveness awards from £164.50 to £1110.38 for non-members and from £117.50 to £575.75 (for first entries for members). What message does this send to the industry? ‘The sad thing about the International Design Effectiveness Awards entry fees is that it now makes the […]


Roy Bostock, chairman of marketing services group Bcom3, which has an interest in design consultancy The Identica Partnership through ad agency Bartle Bogle Hegarty, is stepping down as chairman of the company’s board of directors. He will be replaced by chief executive Roger Haupt immediately.


Spectrum; Wu Yiming; World Without Words; When Objects Work; Pak Keung Wan

Vademecum by Antonio Citterio

6 Vademecum by Antonio Citterio is the latest addition to Vitra’s Ad Hoc system. A versatile workstation which creates temporary space divisions through translucent mobile screens, it reiterates the manufacturer’s philosophy of facilitating flexible working.

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