Troubleshooter role is not something new

Comment (DW 19 April) is, as usual, astute and thought provoking, but Allison Miguel is out of touch in thinking that the role of creative troubleshooter is new, or that “no one is doing it from a creative perspective”.

My training was in graphic design, but as the creative director of the original Conran Design Group, my role was constantly working with the design teams, the architects and interior designers, on the creative direction and design standards of projects, and telling them about trends.

Since 1988, I have continued to operate as an independent creative director, often working directly with design groups and their project teams on specific projects. Inevitably, my role is often confidential and without credit, but none the less satisfying.

This brings me to a point about the use of freelance designers and consultants. It’s often difficult, without going through an agency, to find talented freelances at a senior level, who specialise in, say, art direction or catalogue design or typography. When you find them, you tend to keep them a secret. Good luck to Allison. I hope she encourages others to make themselves known.

Stafford Cliff

London N1

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