Hempel hotel revamp by Max Bentheim

Interior design consultancy Max Bentheim has revealed design details of the second phase of its project to revamp the boutique Hempel Hotel located in West London, as it completes a redesign of the building’s ground floor.

Max Bentheim is poised to overhaul the hotel’s guest rooms and suites next year.

The design scheme will be based on ‘beautiful, comfortable, luxury zones’, says Stephan Oberwegner, founder and director of Max Bentheim.

He says the design of the rooms will replace the previous minimalist look.

The consultancy is also planning to redesign I-Thai, the hotel’s signature restaurant, as the owners aim to secure a much coveted Michelin star.

The interior design concepts are still being discussed, but the work is expected to commence in 2007.

The management team is also considering launching a spa and beauty treatment area and a new gym, as part of the overall redesign, according to Oberwegner.

Anouska Hempel created the hotel’s original design scheme.

Max Bentheim has just completed the redesign of the building’s ground floor across its lobby, H Bar, lounge, salon and meeting room.

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