Millennium party must also raise social issues

How very conscientious of Imagination to warn that the Millennium Commission claims that That Festival might cost more than expected (DW 4 October).

To recap: you stated that costs may go up to 1bn, precisely double the earlier estimates of 500m.

These costs appear to come under the grey umbrella of “utilities” like disposing of waste and things connected with transport. But how on earth are these massive funds going to be found?

But found they will be, that’s for sure. But should we really spend all this money on a party, however informative the 12 pavilions will be about our culture past and present?

There were beggars around the gates of the Festival of Britain and there will be beggars around the gates of The Millennium Festival in Greenwich. I can’t help feeling that there are better destinations for this vast amount of money.

Wouldn’t it be great if our Government could use the millennium funds to construct projects to help our underprivileged. Yes, we need to celebrate the millennium and raise morale, but is it just an empty puff with no commitment to improve our country?

It is up to Imagination to include information about the underside of the UK’s splendid march to the millennium. I hope the pavilions will somehow help to promote awareness of our social problems, and trigger off positive action.

Patrice Rayssac

London N1

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