Tracking down design’s greatest funny man

We were very interested to read John Leech’s letter (DW 20 September) regarding the legendary Phil Healey. Could this be the same Phil Healey that we studied under at Middlesex University?

As “wit master general” his briefs were explosive. Our Phil Healey encouraged us to include wit in packaging wherever possible. Memorable efforts included the self combusting monkey firework and Dog’s Bollocks dog food. Above all, there was the prize-winning pop-up can-can guide, complete with revealing performance. Even Phil was lost for words at the dancers’ spectacular swinging sensations.

Myth has it that Phil Healey can often be found at lunchtimes at Dom’s café in London’s Palmers Green, no doubt devising even wittier briefs for this year’s unsuspecting students. Is this the same Phil Healey?

Lorna Conroy

Jorge Emms

C&E Design

London E3

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