Hamm joins WMB as director

Garrick Hamm, a designer with Tutssels @ The Brand Union, will take over as creative director at Williams Murray Banks next month when Justin Banks resumes his freelance career.

The 12-strong group will keep its name after the departure of Banks, a founding partner (DW 24 January 1997). Hamm joins as a director, alongside Richard Williams and Richard Murray.

Banks, who leaves the branding specialist in mid-October, says he prefers to work independently. He is looking to move into a creative consultant role with other design groups.

“I’ve enjoyed being part of the set up,” he says. “The fruits of what I’ve done won’t see the light of day for a couple of months.”

Williams says, “It will be hard to fill Banks’ shoes. We were looking for someone to take the business forward.” Hamm has worked for ten years with Glenn Tutssel, first at the former Michael Peters Group and at Tutssels. Williams and Murray cite this and his multimedia experience within The Brand Union as positive assets.

Tutssels is meanwhile poised to replace Hamm. Glenn Tutssel says the consultancy is in the throes of setting up a third team of four designers and has been looking for someone to head that. “We have a couple of people in mind,” he says.

Hamm was due to be promoted to group head at Tutssels when he resigned on Monday.

“I’m very disappointed, but it is the right thing for him after ten years,” says Tutssel.

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