Sky’s the limit for US group

Increasing customer awareness was one of the aims behind three new channel idents for Sky Movies. The project was part of Pittard Sullivan’s review of all BSKYB channels which kicked off last December, and separate design teams were put to work on each channel.

For the relaunch of the film channels, the Los Angeles consultancy ‘developed new channel names, logos… an on-air branding package’, according to a Pittard Sullivan spokeswoman.

Senior designer Earl Jenshus worked on the graphics family for Sky Premier – BSKYB’s blockbuster channel service, whose proposition is quality.

He describes the generic opening sequence as magical and alluring, capturing the spirit of the product. ‘The stars are clearly the film goddesses high up in the clouds amid giant film strips. These ladies evoke a sense of mystery and awe, as they majestically unfurl a magical draping fabric between them.

‘I wanted each composition to have the feeling of a classic oil painting combined with contemporary design and special effects,’ he adds.

Sky Gold was renamed Sky Cinema. ‘We decided to create a classic female icon for the channel as Sky Cinema’s brand,’ says designer Kasumi Mihori. ‘We packaged the on-air look by bookending all of the feature opens with the female icon and travelling on a journey through four decades of classic film-making.’

The new looks for all three channels, Sky Cinema, Sky Premier and Sky Moviemax go live worldwide today.

Designer: Pittard Sullivan

Client: BSKYB

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