You do not expect the interior of a converted windmill to resemble a Vermeer-esque Dutch interior or a converted barn to be peopled by country bumpkins.

Cold War Graphics

The graphic story of the Cold War era is told through a series of posters. ‘They are vivid images’ is how David Crowley describes them, and a ‘powerful visual narrative of the age’. Many seem strikingly contemporary, such as a poster for the exhibition ‘USA Baut’ (1945) by the Bauhaus and Walter Gropius pupil Max […]

Parallel pasts

The space race and fears of nuclear Armageddon may have defined the pessimism of the Cold War era, but the designs of this period display optimism and yearning for modernity. A new exhibition takes apart this contradiction, says Pamela Buxton

Profile: Sam Baron

As head of product design at Fabrica, Sam Baron is in the ideal environment to experiment and subvert expectations. Lynda Relph-Knight looks at the role this young Frenchman plays at the Benetton research group

Small wonders

How do you kick-start the market for high-end kiddie furniture? Pamela Buxton recommends perfectly formed, scaled-down versions of classics

Material playground

If you haven’t come across phase-changing textiles, fish leather or shape-memory materials yet, this is your chance to get in the know. Trish Lorenz gets tactile with the stuff of the future – all on display at 100% Design

Future gazing

100% Design remains the preferred launch pad for established designers, as well as fertile territory for spotting up-and-coming talent. 100% Futures retains an experimental energy, with both British and international designers opting to showcase at the ev

Green light

There’s more eco-friendly lighting than energy-saving light bulbs – sustainable materials and end-of-life recycling are also importan. But can saving the planet be combined with inspired lighting design?

Eastern treats

What will newcomers South Korea an dThailand bring to 100% Design? Clare Dowdy looks forward to an infusion of traditional crafts – and some more Western-oriented work – from these two countries joining Japan on the international scene

Exhibiting talent

What do an award-winning graduate, a Cornish furniture company and a pair of Norwegian designers have in common? They’re all exhibiting at 100% Design. Trish Lorenz profiles three of this year’s most intriging entrants

100% Design

Seasoned industry watchers will be eyeing this year’s 100% Design more closely than previous events. It was schemed and costed long before the economic indicators turned nasty, and how it responds to the ever darkening news could shape the design industry for some time to come.

Whats on your mind?

When we started out product launches were so exciting, but now we are working on a minimum of ten much bigger projects at any one time and we find that we are much less interested in trade fairs. There are so many of them, there’s always another one just around the corner. Tom Lloyd As […]

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