Design Week Studio Sessions #2 – becoming a Pentagram partner

In this film, we join Pentagram’s newest senior recruits Luke Powell and Jody Hudson-Powell as they become partners of the global design consultancy.

At the end of last year, brothers Luke Powell and Jody Hudson-Powell, who set up consultancy Hudson-Powell in 2005, joined Pentagram as partners.

In this film, we join Luke and Jody shortly after they set up in the consultancy’s London office, to find out what it’s like become a Pentagram partner.

The film, shot and edited by Camilla Corr, is part of Design Week’s Studio Sessions documentary series.

The series looks at the stories behind designers’ studios – from how to find the right space to tips on making it your own and what happens when you need to move.

Our previous Studio Sessions video tells the story of Koto’s move to the Metal Box Factory in London’s Southwark and includes interviews with consultancy co-founders James Greenfield and Jowey Roden about how they set up the studio.

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