Government authority launches graphic designs for safe working practices

The customisable ‘toolkit’ contains a resource of poster designs for companies returning to work, from social distancing to personal hygiene.

The Centre of the Protection of National Infrastructure (CPNI) has launched a digital ‘toolkit’ with designs which encourage safe working practices, as some companies return to work.

The posters have been designed by London-based ad agency AML Group. “Clear, concise and simple messaging” was central to the CPNI’s brief for the project, which has taken three weeks to complete.

The project launches after prime minister Boris Johnson announced that companies from some industries would be returning to work as part of an easing of lockdown measures.

“Four key behaviours”

The campaign is based around “four key behaviours” which align with a slogan: Keep Your Distance (maintain physical distance), Wash Your Hands and Clean Your Desk (improving hygiene practices), Making Meetings Virtual (reducing interactions) and Say If it’s Not Okay (encouraging staff to speak up/report).

These are based on the idea of protecting employees’ colleagues, as each poster begins with the message: Your Colleagues Need You To.

They are available as digital assets or to print, and the posters are available to edit for specific organisations. Each design is customisable for specific workplaces. “Bold” typography, and two colour palettes – yellow and blue – have been chosen for “straightforward” messaging.

Posters include information such as the direction of staircases, the maximum number of people allowed in a lift, or other office spaces like kitchens. In areas with greater dwell times, such as waiting rooms, there is more copy on the posters. For places where employees might spend less time, the designs are more visually-led.

“Distinctive” design

The CPNI provides security advice in the attempt to protect businesses and organisations. A spokesperson from the CPNI says: “Keeping everyone protected at work is the number one priority, and this distinctive campaign succinctly communicates a number of rules and behaviours, including correct social distancing and hygiene behaviours that we need to adhere to as we negotiate a safe return to the workplace environment.”

It will be “vital to the re-opening of the economy and the delivery of key services” according to the CPNI. The return to work will not be uniform, as some industries which cannot work from home – such as manufacturing – will return to work sooner. This is reflected in the posters, which can be edited for specific needs.

More assets will be added to the resource, include labels for hand sanitiser to make bottles stand out, as well as ‘sticky back feet’ for workspace floors which show distances of 2m. Another planned design will highlight areas where employees will have to wear face masks.

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  • Lucy Richardson May 13, 2020 at 8:33 am

    Distinctive indeed. Clear and concise. I like the emphasis on ‘your colleagues need you’ because it creates a layer of responsibility on the reader to do their part and therefore they may be more inclined to do so.

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