Typography tiff keeps rolling on and on

I failed to see what David Prout was taking issue about (Letters, DW 8 March). It would seem that, initially at least, his typographic learning had been misplaced – to quote him: “I left with a degree and a folder few understood.”

No doubt David is a designer who can honestly claim to practice good typography. But what did he, as a graduate, or the practising designers of that time, do to guide the efficient transfer of true typography into the computer age? The few who tried failed to gain the support they deserved.

Many designers are disturbed because typography can now be handled by all and sundry. But when you take an overall view of our professionals you see a mass of lookalike work and incredibly poor typography. No wonder the commercial world has lost faith in our industry to the extent that they usually approach at least three designers to “pitch” for their commissions, even for a brochure!

Something has to be done, and Janice Kirkpatrick has set the ball rolling. Thank you Janice.

Les J Curtis




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