Brand director at British Council

The British Council has appointed its first director of brand and corporate development, in a bid to present a uniform image in its offices and publications around the world.

Johnnie Seidler, formerly a Sampson Tyrrell Enterprise account director, starts at the council on Monday. He will report to director of corporate affairs Tom Buchanan. Seidler’s post will encompass the branding of identity, buildings, customer care and graphics.

The move might herald major changes to the council’s branding. “We want Johnnie to look at it all and see what we need to change,” says a spokesman. “Our offices are mostly abroad, and we produce a lot of different material. We need to tie it all together,” he adds.

Seidler says the council will not rush into a major project to change its external face, as internal communications will be first on his agenda. “It’s my view that identity is as much about behaviour as it about logos,” he says. The council will try to keep the best of tradition alongside the UK’s modern image, he says.

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