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Nicky Churchill rounds up the latest in calendar design to find out what next years’ pin ups will be.

The Football Museum

A pre-taster for the football museum, due to open in 1999, this calendar illustrates the 12 founder member clubs of the football league (Stoke City is shown below). The double-sided cover is titled Kick off for January to June and 2nd half for the remainder of the year.

Design: Ben Casey, The Chase

Typography: Ben Casey and Lionel Hatch

Print: Highlight

Illustration below: George Hardie

Paper: Alliance Paper Group. Galerie Art Silk. Cover 280gsm, inside 200gsm.

Desire, PowerGen

This is a limited edition celebrity calendar produced in aid of the British Red Cross, London Branch. The theme is desire, portrayed by the likes of Linford Christie and Dani Behr, shown above – we wonder who chose the subjects!

Design: No Excuses Creative Consultancy

Print: SP Group

Photography: Bob Carlos Clarke

Paper: Caxton Multi Art Gloss. Cover 300gsm, back 400gsm, inside 240gsm.

Eau de Toilette, Thrislington Cubicles

This calendar is the award-winning team at The Partners’ sixth for this client. The theme this year is smell. Perforated squares lift off to reveal the date, along with an appropriate smell achieved through scratch ‘n’ sniff papers. Popularity in the office will alternate as the whiffs change from chocolate on St Valentine’s Day, garlic on Bastille Day, and lager for the five days of the British beer festival.

Design: Aziz Cami, Greg Quinton, and Steve Owen at The Partners

Print: Printwise

Photography: Trish Morrissey

Paper: Consort Royal. Perforated front 150gsm, scented back 170gsm

Scents supplied by Celessence International.

The Foreign & Commonwealth Office

The FCO calendar will not be seen in Britain, but will be distributed to embassies and consulates around the world. The theme of British food will no doubt satisfy the expat cravings for stilton or asparagus. Alongside the calendar is a set of postcards using the same wonderful photography, and recipes of typical British dishes.

Design: Trickett & Webb

Print: Ventura Litho

Food Photography: Kate Gadsby, Carol Sharp

Copywriting: Neil Mattingley

Paper: Classic Triple Silk 250gsm.

Clarks Wood Company

This is an environmentally aware calendar for a client with a strict environmental policy. The overall concept, jointly conceived by Tipler Pomfret and Copper Beech Productions, takes nature as the theme portrayed through photographs and prose. The calendar is printed on 100 per cent recycled paper.

Design: The Original Tipler Pomfret Design Company

Print: Dunnsprint

Photography: Copper Beech Productions

Paper: Curtis Fine Papers. Cover Scotia

Original Translucent 90gsm, inside Retreeve Vellum Natural 150gsm.

Fedrigoni UK

Trickett & Webb has devised a set of images for this

Italian paper manufacturer which are used on a poster, a set of postcards and a desktop calendar. Italian phrases, three-part figures and black and white photography by Herbert List, ‘a German photographer that fell in love with Italy…’, are used to portray all that is good about Italy.

Design: Trickett & Webb

Print: Keyne Print

Paper: Fedrigoni Tintoretto Stucco Gesso 220gsm.

Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity

Working to a concept by SCG London, New Division has created humorous illustrations which make a play on London Underground station names. All work is donated.

Design: SCG London

Print: Augustus Martin

Illustrations: Adam Errington, left, and Sarah Wilkins, right

Paper: Curtis Fine Papers. Retreeve smooth brilliant white. Cover 280gsm, inside 150gsm

Envelopes: Mainline Flatpacks

Binding: Fairfax and Thompson.

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