We do not want to be branded like cattle

The question I would like to ask is: What is Britain now and what does it mean? What with Common Markets, International Trading Agreements at one end of the scale and moves to segment us into regional pockets at the other – where does “Britain” as such fit in?

This country is going through immense changes. Some good – such as striving to be more aware of what is wrong in the world and trying to do something about it. And some bad – we still don’t know how to cope with a multicultural, multi-social mix of people without getting someone’s back up. So, please let us go with these changes and see how we can guide them for the good, rather than massaging our egos with pretty names and pictures.

We should avoid becoming victims of propaganda that is filtered via our so-called “open” Government. The Germans had enough of that in the Thirties and Forties. I suspect our Minister without Portfolio would love to round us up into whatever image he sees fit. But I do not want to be herded like cattle nor branded like them.

It is far more important that we express our nationality by being proud of what each of us does, rather than taking on a superficial flag of convenience generated by a hypercritical Government quango with no real accountability to anyone.

If Britain is to have an image at home and overseas, let it be earned over time by good work and a commitment to good values in everything we do. Not one that is created behind closed doors by a tiny sector of middle class designers and “politicians”, who should be improving the lot of the people in this country not playing at image-making.

Sue Williams


Kent TN11 0EF

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