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British Design & Art Direction chief executive Michael Hockney has played his hand, with plans for a three-week D&AD Congress to be held in London in the spring. How can D&AD use the idea to build stronger bridges with design?

‘It would be great if this Congress launches a more inclusive approach, where D&AD uses its influence to make a real difference in areas affecting all designers – like education. In truth, it means less backslapping and more action.’

Simon Goodall, Partner, OPX

‘The Congress must not be restricted to London alone. With the growing decentralisation of the design and communication industry and the issue all companies face of client and work commitments, it is worth holding these events throughout the UK to truly embrace the national perception and regional views.’

Darren Richardson, Director, Gardiner Richardson

‘The question reinforces the old ‘design is a poor relation’ argument, but I think there is evidence of a change at D&AD. This is simply because clients’ attitudes are changing at the moment. Conventional advertising is now being called into question and design disciplines such as branding, new media, and ‘integrated communications’ are currently growing in status. I hope this trend will be reflected at the Congress.’

Allison Miguel, Creative director, Ziggurat

‘I’m still amazed at how little the industry knows about D&AD. Take this opportunity to stop looking inward. Do a “Christo”. Wrap Billingsgate in a huge graphic and, using no more than 100 words, tell us what it is D&AD does.’

Steve Royle, Designer, Astound

‘One event I’m glad to see back and would not miss is the in-book and nominations exhibition – the only way to really appreciate the graphics work, which always seems slightly flat and dull on the big screen, when shown after the latest multi-award-winning advertisement.’

Ben Stott, Creative director, NB Studio

‘I love D&AD’s elitism. I don’t want to see behind the scenes. Designers don’t respond well to matey organisations. Forget softly-softly, keep the “try again” shrug-off, and focus on making industry value design. If D&AD got The Sun to praise the next big brand aesthetic, not gag on the cost and giggle, we’d not only lust after a pencil, but love their effects on our business.’

Simon Manchipp, Director of design, No One

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