It’s only a matter of time before the glass cracks

When reviewing recent placement applications at Echo, I was reminded of a past article in Design Week concerning the small number of females in the higher echelons of consultancies. This prompted a question: Where have all the male design students gone? Why do they not want to experience life at a thriving design group?

I’m amazed at the weighting of female applicants I receive, and it’s been female students alone who have completed placements with us. There is no better boost to a student’s degree work or career aspirations than time spent in the industry. So does our current experience suggest a new, highly motivated generation of female designers ready to flood the industry? There is every possibility. Looking at the evidence, they are certainly going to have that extra edge over their male counterparts.

It may be suggested that few females end up at the very top of the industry, but the lack of male student names in my e-mail inbox tells its own story – the engine room of any consultancy may soon be overwhelmingly powered by enthusiastic, creative young women.

Niall McRiner, Designer, Echo Brand Design, London W1

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