The Manchester area is facing a shortage of real skills among its workforce, according to the Manchester Training and Enterprise Council. In an effort to rectify the situation, the TEC has launched its Skills Focus Survey, to create a database of skilled workers available to prospective employers. Local design group Montage Bridgewater Barron has created an identity, featuring various types of specialist footwear, for the initiative, which launched last week.

Broadcast graphics specialist Novocom has created an on-screen package for BRT, a new national TV channel for Turkey. Due to launch on 1 March, BRT will aim for a broad family audience with programmes which are low on violence, but high on moral values. A mix of local shows and Western imports will be screened. Design features for the main identity include a combination of live action images and moving letters from the logo. Novocom is based in Playa Vista, California, with offices in London and Singapore.

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