Sniffing out the bad guys is no mean feat

Every design-conscious young person needs training shoes, delicately scuffed, loosely tied, with huge tongues, ready to be topped by a statement-making T-shirt and a petulant expression.

The problem with trainers is that they SMELL. They can stink out a bedroom in a shake of a duck’s tail, and teenagers are not renowned for storing clothing in parentally furnished bedrooms .

Buckinghamshire designer Adrian Taylor has the answer – the Toxic Trainer Container, designed to give youngsters input into the design of their personal environment.

“They can change and modify the Lycra covered structure,” says Taylor, who recently completed a furniture design MA at Buckinghamshire College.

The container combats the stench problem, encouraging the out of sight, out of nose situation.

“They can kick their feet on the black hands, the trainers will bounce off and fall into the container to fester away,” adds Taylor.

Mothers and student roommates should vote feet-first for this design concept.

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