Acer signs for London subways

The in-house graphic design team at engineering group Acer Consultants has designed new signs for the pedestrian subway at London’s Green Park. It is part of a 300 000 improvement package to kick off a Westminster Council initiative to improve its subways.

Acer is the council’s regular consultant and there was no pitch. It will be creating signs for three more subways – Park Lane, Apsley House and Piccadilly. Free Form Arts Trust, designer of the Green Park subway’s mural, will also be involved.

“The old system was based on maps and exit numbers, which people found confusing. We’ve focused on colour-coding and place names instead,” says Acer project manager Yvonne Dee.

Westminster Council is also looking for a design team to carry out a feasibility study into improving Parliament Square, Trafalgar Square and the Whitehall area.

A shortlist is expected “quite soon”, with a decision to be taken later this summer, according to a council spokesman.

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