DoH shows signs of unhealthy behaviour

Four things depressed me about the piece on the announcement by the Department of Health of a 38-strong design roster (DW 28 June), which included the astonishing revelation that “the DoH, which spends 1.1m on design annually, received 320 anonymous credentials pitches”.

First, I am depressed that Design Week’s conception of design has become so narrow that it can seriously believe – and print – that only 1.1m of the DoH’s multi-billion pound budget constitutes spending on design.

Second, if the DoH itself thinks it only spends that amount on design each year, why does it need a roster of 38 companies?

Third, if there are really 320 credible contenders to work with such a client, then the design marketplace is even more over-supplied than I had thought.

And fourth, isn’t it depressing that new-business skills in our sector are so inadequate that 320 credentials pitches were anonymous?

How did the client know who to contact?

Paul Southgate

Wickens Tutt Southgate

London W2

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