Emperor puts new clothes on Ebookers annual report

Emperor Designs has this week completed work on on-line travel agent Ebookers’ annual report.

In a troubled year for the e-commerce sector, the company became the largest European Web-based travel agent, with gross profits of £20m.

Emperor Designs senior designer Neil Davies says the Internet is still not heavily used as a means of booking holidays and Ebookers is keen on pushing the platform.

‘They wanted something contemporary, clear and functional and that showed the shareholders the company was doing very well for itself,’ says Davies.

The front cover of the report features an aerial shot of a remote tropical island, surrounded by the sea. This was intended to signify the ocean of opportunity for the company, he adds.

The consultancy toned down a rather broad Ebookers colour palette to its corporate blue and ‘four or five other colours’, says Davies. ‘We used colours that go together, but I didn’t want to go over the top.’

Emperor Designs is currently working on the travel agent’s interim report and an investment pack, and is hoping to work alongside Ebookers marketing department on future projects.

The consultancy, which earned a five-figure fee for the project, was appointed last year following a three-way unpaid strategic pitch.

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