LGS identity marks Thames crossing

The LGS Partnership has rebranded the Dartford River Crossing vehicle identification system and all accompanying material, including road signage, in a project worth in the region of £250 000 in design fees to the consultancy.

The work, which involves a new identity for the identification system known as Dart Tag, and the redesign of marketing material, stationery and a website, as well signage revamp, launches next week. It is the first review of the identity in more than ten years.

The Dartford River Crossing, spanning the Thames between Dartford and Thurrock, is one of Europe’s busiest toll crossings, used by more than 150 000 vehicles per day and requires a complex traffic management system.

The consultancy was briefed to create a modern identity reflecting a sense of pace. Legibility and the identity’s ability to perform in a high-speed, information-rich environment was paramount, says The LGS Partnership account director Christian Bennett.

‘[The Dartford River Crossing] was changing the technology of the Dart Tag and needed to tell people it was happening,’ he says. ‘The best way to do this is via a visual design and the identity needed contemporising anyway.’

Signage systems used to filter traffic approaching the crossing have also been revised to incorporate the new identity and increase awareness of the filtering process.

‘This was vital to the project, as it’s potentially a dangerous environment, with cars, lorries and other vehicles approaching at speed,’ says LGS Partnership creative director Drew Allen.

Signage has to direct vehicles to different locations and is critical in managing traffic flow, he says.

‘The new motorway signage, with graphics to describe traffic flows, is a substantial step forward [for the crossing],’ adds Allen.

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