Redhouse Lane revamps Bristows

Redhouse Lane is presenting final concepts this week for the revamp of the intellectual property and IT law firm Bristows’ website, in a project worth a five-figure fee to the consultancy.

The project, which includes a brand refreshment and redesign of the visual and functional elements of the site, is part of an attempt to take the Bristows brand to a global audience, says Redhouse Lane new media creative director Paul Thurlow.

‘Bristows is taking a much more aggressive approach to improving its profile in the Far East, Europe and other parts of the world and the website revamp is a part of that,’ he says.

Thurlow likens the site to ‘a smart suit, but not a stuffy one’. The site has been built with a mixture of enhanced HTML and ASP (active server pages) and the use of Flash animation has been reduced to improve useability and accessibility.

The visual design of the site retains a ‘touch of classicism, combined with a modern, minimalistic look’, says Thurlow and the consultancy used a ‘three band’ approach’ in the design. Each page has branding at the top, a functional and content-driven central area and search facilities at the bottom of the page.

‘We’re looking to increase the friendliness factor by making it more accessible,’ says Redhouse Lane technical director Andrew Fisher.

The project is due to be delivered in autumn and the consultancy was awarded the job a month ago following an unpaid creative pitch.

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