Wagstaffs reports to Tesco scheme

Wagstaffs has researched, written and designed two evaluation reports for Tesco’s Regeneration Partnerships, which are being mailed to stakeholders this week.

The Regeneration Partnerships is a public-private alliance that has created more than 1000 new jobs, 845 of which were taken up by the unemployed, at Tesco stores in deprived areas.

Wagstaffs partner Jason Haw-thorne says the reports aims to highlight the people who have benefited from the partnerships, in addition to business statistics.

‘It’s all very well putting down statistics, but who are these people, and what effect did [the partnerships] have on them?’ asks Hawthorn. ‘We wanted to get photos of the people who’d done the training and got jobs. Rather than little snapshots, they formed a major part of the design.’

Most of the report information is in the form of graphs or tables. The consultancy formulated a questionnaire that was circulated to all the beneficiaries of the scheme about the impact of a steady job on their lives and collated the results.

Wagstaffs is working with Tesco on nine more partnerships in the UK, and also designed the original identity for the scheme. Tesco is looking at other private partners to bring more employment and commerce to depressed areas.

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