New Media group Lateral has opted to let the pictures do the talking in its inaugural website for The National Gallery. ‘The branding is the art itself, which had to look good. The rest is wrapped around that,’ says Lateral services director David Hart, who worked on the site with Web technician TECC. The 500-page site includes a selection of masterpieces from the gallery’s collection, which can be accessed in various sizes, with textual information on the artist and subject matter.

Retailers in London’s Clapham Junction area are hoping a new scheme will establish the place as worth visiting for more reasons than its proximity to the train station. As part of an initiative by the Clapham Junction Town Centre Partnership, brightly coloured banners are being introduced to the district’s main thoroughfare, St John’s Road, as visual evidence of the area’s character. Designer Sara Stickland, who is joint owner of local café The Boiled Egg & Soldiers, created the banners.

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