DEDB overhauls Chile airline

The recently-privatised Chilean national airline LanChile has a new identity by Diefenbach Elkins Davies Baron to position it as Latin America’s leading carrier.

The former identity looked dated and militaristic, says DEDB account manager Alison Kerr. But in terms of positioning, she adds, the airline saw itself as the Swiss Air of Latin America.

The long shape of the country is represented in the red arc, with the existing star symbol maintained as a small element of the marque, says DEDB associate director Wladimir Marnich. The group also introduced a detail of silver on the tip of the tail fin.

The airline, founded in 1929, wanted to emphasise customer service, and the consultancy focused on the customer experience. Previously there was very little difference between first and business class.

The consultancy drew on Chile’s three distinct regions – the Mediterranean-style wine growing area, the arid desert and the Andes – for inspiration in the interiors. The aim was to brand the interiors as a reflection of Chile’s people and culture. DEDB colour coded the three classes right down to the tray mats.

Local fashion designer Ruben Campos designed the new uniforms to be more modern and elegant rather than casino girl-style, says Kerr.

The consultancy has also worked on ticketing, frequent flyer cards, corporate signage, airport checkins, fabric design and the airline’s Internet site.

This is the fourth full airline identity the London consultancy has carried out.

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